Plaque remembering Moholy-Nagy's youth in Szeged, Hungary
November 24, 2016
Zrinyi Street, Szeged, Hungary
Hattula Moholy-Nagy, the artist's daughter and József Kozma, president of the cultural committee of the General Assembly in Szeged (MSZP) unveiled a memorial plaque, which was made by sculptor Gábor Székó. The event commemorates Moholy-Nagy's years spent in Szeged during his high school years, and as a young modern artist involved with the avant-garde circle of Szeged, highlighting the early enthusiastic support of Gyula Juhász.
Following the ceremony a reception was held in the Ferenc Móra Museum. The exhibition, curated by Róbert Nátyi, presents works by László Moholy-Nagy and several of his Szeged contemporaries. After presenting a brief biographical account of László Moholy-Nagy's years in Szeged by Nátyi, Hattula Moholy-Nagy thanked the organizers and sponsors of Szeged. The exhibition presents three graphic works by Moholy-Nagy created upon his return from the eastern front during World War I. According to Nátyi these early images already show Moholy-Nagy's characteristic dynamic spirit, observing that the lines seem to still see the world through the barbed wire of the trenches.
József Kozma (MSZP) and the artist's daughter Hattula Moholy-Nagy unveil the plaque commemorating Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's youth in Szeged